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Great thread! Will probably come up with more Amiga titles when I have a think about it, but off the top of my head, but way back then I would probably highlight BattleChess,Speedball 2, Pang, Leisure Suit Larry 1-3, Indy TLC graphic adventure & turrican 2 as miggy hightlights.

But given I started on the C64,my memories are slightly more nostalgic towards Last Ninja 2,(& subsequently tracked down LN1 as part of a compilation due to my enjoyment of LN2), along seeing Turrican 1 & 2,& Creatures-the latter 3 being the result of rave reviews in Zzap! & the hilarious Dev diary of Creatures.
Although not owning a C64 at the time,through school & a schoolmate I was also introduced to the joys of Monty on the Run, & Ghettoblaster.

More recently I would list Final Fantasy VII,Suikoden, Tekken 2, & Gran Turismo on PS1.
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