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Here I am, bringing this thread back to life again, to say a few things:

1 - Burning Rangers was made by Sonic Team. I know because I have the game
2 - There are 2 great threads about this same subject, the another one is newer and started by me. There's anyway to merge both threads? There's some great stuff there too, and some funny stuff from Fissuras (Where did he go?)
3 - This week I got a great PSX game called Animorphs. I gave it a go today and was really surprised. I had never heard about this game before, and it's a very good one! It's a platform game with 3D graphics, and sometimes it uses the 3D - You can walk into or outo the screen, but it's no free roamer like Mario 64 or on rails like Pandemonium. It makes the MOST that a platform can do, it uses EVERTYHING the genre has to offer: moving platforms, conveyor belts, elevators, pixel-perfect jumping. What's even funnier, there are nearly NO enemies, most of the time you are dealing with platform stuff. Whenever an enemy shows up, your hero morphs into an animal, and you fight against the enemy. It's the most boring part of the game, and it doesn't show up too much. Between levels there's always a flying level that's like the Unreal (The Amiga platform game) one, just much, much better. Those levels aren't difficult, but they do add to the game. And the platform levels are really great, the design is amazing.

It was a game I had never heard about, and I wasn't expecting much of it. If you can find it, give it a go. It won't turn your life upside down, but it's so well crafted, and it's full of platform japery.
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