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Your friend who got ill, killer, I wonder was it Michael J? No, sorry that's nothing to joke about.

My story is quite similar to Killer's. My mother met a guy that she eventually married, so he became - and still is - my stepdad. He had an Amiga, but he rarely ever touched it. But me and my bro were like fire! It wasn't long until we'd found ourselves some friends with Amigas and then the swapping began. I remember i had a best friend and our friendship was solely based on the amiga! We'd sit for hours just testing games and copying them. A strange memory from his home was once when I came over and his FATHER was playing Hollywood Poker Pro right in front of his mother. She didn't give a damn and me and my pal were only like 10 or so. May not be such a big deal but at the time I thought it was quite corny and slightly embarrasing...

First gaming experience was without a doubt Police Quest, it was my very first Sierra game - or adventure game in general. After that I was completely hooked with graphical adventures and still today I get enormous kicks from Playing Space Quest 3. I actually bought it when I was a little kid, put all the money I had on it because computer games were so expensive then. BUT my mother forced me to return it...

Zak McKracken and Maniac Mansion also give me euphoric feelings. I remember during the summer break when I refused to go outdoors bacause I just wanted to play these games. Mom was verrry worried... hehe.
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