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I have to agree with Monkey Island 1 and 2. I was only something like 9 or 10 when my uncle bought the Amiga so I used to play it every weekend when i went round to play it. My uncle was never a fan of adventure games or point and click games so he never actually bought it. It wasn't until about 1994/1995 that me and a mate swapped a few games for a while. One of them was Monkey Island. I was hooked. The humour, the invloving story line, and those god damn awesome puzzles. I still love that music now and that game really did come out of nowhere for me. (Unfortunately that friend ended up getting a very serious disease and I never saw him again - poor bastard )

And again it wasn't until around about 1996/1997 when one of my brothers friend wanted to get rid of his A600 and his SNES, which I bought for £30 at the time. I remember my brother bringing them round, in one of the boxes was 11 black disds with Monkey Island 2 on them. hehehe.

I completed Monkey Island 2 that night, and felt absolutely terrible all the rest of the week. A worthy price to pay I'd say.

Those games were a mammoth part of my gaming-hood. Both appearing as 'sleeper hits' at times when I never expected it.

The only trouble I had with Monkey Island 2 was that damn code wheel. The one I got with the game had been drenched in coke, so the two layers were melded together. I painstakingly took the whole thing to bits and made another out of cardboard from the side of a pepsi crate. (ooh the irony, coke caused the problem, pepsi solved it!)
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