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As I don't really enjoy being called a liar, I thought I'd share a little sneak peak of what could have been.

Sprites were never impemented and the wall rendering could still be optimized further. The wall rendering is done with vertical stripes of unrolled code for each zoomlevel and textures are 64x64 in size. Rendering is done in 2x2 resolution, but the blitter c2p routine used allows for two colors within each 2x2, giving free dithering. The ceiling/floor is currently being cleared with the blitter, and possible game logic would probably be performed during the blitter operation.

Last but not least, an non-interactive executable, runnable on a standard A500 512k+512k configuration:

This project has now been shelved for my part, but if anyone else is working on a wolf3d-port, then I'll be glad to help.

If anyone is interested in discussing the technical part, I can start a new thread for that.
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