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Hi, kind of weird topic this one, but I was just listening to some games music remixes and it really got me thinking about when I'd played the games and how much they'd 'been' a part of my childhood.

Say for example, you may have your favourite Amiga games, but what games really seem to 'affected' your memory of games.

I'm not talking fave games here, I'd personally say that Ruff'n'tumble is one of my fave amiga games but I played it at a time when it didn't really affect me, it was a superb game but I can't remember the music off by heart and if someone posed the question 'what games could you have not played' I would put it in there.

Some games just stay with you and their music/gameplay just 'sticks' up there. (Someone must have noticed how many times I put words in 'quotations' by now!)

I'd have to say that Flashback is one of these games, I was always in awe when playing that game, how the game looked, the animation, the whole package was there, I don't play it a lot now as it's not a game you can just pick up and play for a bit, but it really was an epic in my respect for computer games.

I also couldn't just include Amiga games (I'd have to put Sonic up there, along with the Zelda games) but I don't want to go off-topic in my own thread!

I'd really like to know what Amiga games (feel free to post a 'little' bit about other console/computer games as well) meant something to you at the time, and how you cannot help but look back fondly upon them.
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