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1. They are serious: This can only be good

2. They ripped off people: We don't know anything. If somebody was ripping me off, I would sue him and win the case. We are not living in Ethiopia, this is Europe mind you. So, if people were ripped off, why don't they sue them. Basically, people can say whatever they say. I may set up a website and say "H&P ripped me off". People will comisserate me. As I said, we are end users and have no bloody idea about contracts (do you have the contract that these developers signed with H&P?), business laws etc. Time is passing really fast and all I can think now, is why the hell I was not buying more original software before 95. After 95 I am only with originals, before that it was a messy situation. I ripped off companies and developers and nearly everyone in this board did. It's ridiculous to comment on the sins of others without self critisizing our own crap.

H&P did absolutely nothing bad comparing to maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaany companies that ripped off people in the past and they abandoned the Amiga when the Amiga was needing them. Go, on, blame H&P. As I said, if you uninstall all the software they released for the Amiga, you'll end up with a computer booting a nice gray screen. I think, it's ridiculous to comment on H&P and not other companies who killed the Amiga. As I said, my A4k is happy to use H&P software. I am happy to use their software. If there is a problem, let the courts decide. I am an end user and I buy the best. Basically, I believe that people who are against current Amiga software retailers, are harmful to the Amiga, so well done.
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