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Originally posted by IanS
H & P leaving would hurt the Amiga.
H&P staying, already hurt the Amiga platform more, than leaving would ever have.

Let me politely point you that you simply aren't realising the unbeliavable impact that a company like H&P has on the community that keeps a platform alive...

Without developers, professionals and artists, a platform is dead. No matter how many fans or loyal followers it might have, if they can't code professionaly or produce quality content, the platform stagnates and dies.

Well, there simply isn't an event that destroys and scares away this community, the developers, coders and artists working at professional quality levels, that the type of events H&P is involved in. No i will not go into them specifically, but let me just tell you something: They are incredibly serious. In fact, they couldn't be any more serious.

No competent, professional or respectable (i.e.- can get work on another place) worker will waste his time on a platform where he can get his hours of work stollen, his intelectual property rapped and sold without profit. It's as simple as that.

Unfortunately, for most people, they can't quite grasp a quite obvious fact: Professional developers and quality content creators will not accept subjection to this type of work environment. Period.

Companies as the one above mentioned - there are others - aren't helping the Amiga, quite the contrary, they have an incredibly negative influence over it, in fact, they've inflicted it what i'd call a death blow.

No platform can survive without a varied and lively flora & fauna of professionals, behaviour such as this in unacceptable for them, period.

Think about this the next time you use your Amiga and realise there's only 5 active companies releasing 'software' on it.

One day it will be 4.

Another one 3.

And one day, it will be 0 - which will be the day developers get sick and tired of being robbed of their hours, days, weeks, months and years work, sitting in front of a monitor.

Then the dog dies. And the fleas go hunting for another one.

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