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Roll eyes (sarcastic) When is a game retro?

... I ask this question because lately I sense an inflation of the term 'retrogaming'. In the last few issues of Games TM in the retro-section they looked at the history of cellshaded games which all started 'a long time ago' (1999 to be precise) with Jet Set Radio on the Sega Dreamcast. The magazine also had a feature of a 2001 racing coin-op that sadly didn't make it to the the PS2.
Well 'scuse me, but since when are games released a couple of years ago for a viable machine regarded as 'retro'?

In my vocabulary, a game is retro when it is published for a dead machine, is at least a couple of years old and Joe Public isn't willing to pay the full price for it.

What are your opinions about it? When is a game retro and when not?
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