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I feel sorry for all us having Windoze installed in our computers. It's a conspiracy theory OS, yet 99% of us have a PC that runs windows. We all say "Windoze is crap, M$ is crap, they rip off people", yet, we happily use windoze. Why are we so bad towards a company supporting the Amiga nearly 10 years after Commodore died? Yes, go on, sent them an email cursing them and don't buy their products. Install a bog standard edition of WB3.1, put many commodities in there for good and have your Amiga crashing once every 10". Uninstall, all H&P products from your HD and you may end up with useful products like Pixmate and DPaint 1 doing the trick for you. And please, uninstall WarpOS FFS! It is harmful to you. You will end up with a PPC card capable of running nothing on PPC mode. Life is so much better without H&P.

Meanwhile, us, Amiga people can still use pirated software and we can keep going about companies that "WE THINK THEY RIPPED OFF PEOPLE". We ripped off companies ages ago by using pirated crap and we do not have the right to accuse companies for (assuming ?) doing so. If the Amithlon guy was right, he would have won the case. What happened then? Why didn't he sue them? We read information (a simple statement) in the internet, a source that information is no more that 10-20% real, we have NO CLUE about copyright laws, contracts, businesses etc and we come here to say "Shame on you H&P".

I think I am lucky to have a computer that stopped coming out 10 years ago with NEW software coming out for it by companies like Hyperion and H&P. Very lucky indeed. I feel very lucky for having the two companies above taking the best OS ever to another level. Heros or villains? Ask your Amigas to say what they think! My Amiga says:

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