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Originally posted by Wally
I paid a few bucks for an external drive a while ago. But the overall bulk of my c64/Amiga gear including 2 A1000s, 6 A500s, 2 A2000s, 6 c64s, 8 monitors, an A1200 , a A600 and a shit load of other gear didn't cost me a bloody thing. They were give aways or throw aways. Why some people will throw away working gear even if its old is beyond my understanding.
Almost bid $65 on a A1200 with HD on eBay... but my wife said "we don't have the space, it's another thing to waste your money on..." etc etc
She's probably right... but I WANT ONE DAMMIT!

I got a few 486's for nothing, from work... they were going to throw them out. And a few OEM copies of Windows 95 B, still in their shrinkwrap.
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