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Originally posted by fisken uno
Ok, I feel somehow that the blame is put on ME for this and y'all think Cody is such a great thinker for actually figuring out that if we don't "badmouth" people they won't get pissed! Wow, what a brilliant idea... just that I said "let's not talk any more about him" before this shit broke. What's strange is that you people all of a sudden think we shouldn't talk about Burseg, but before most of us knew he was around it was completely ok to kick dirt on him! If my memory serves me Dastardly dropped a slightly sarcastic comment about AmigaBoy and Zark (?) defended him saying it was unasked for (should of course add that Dastardly apologised). Antiriad hasn't followed up HIS comment in any way, he's probably watching his work with a smile on his face right now. For the last time: Don't post comments about people that you wouldn't like themselves to read!! Because they might eventually do it and then don't fucking blame me when they're wreaking havoc on the board! I'd do the same.

This was my LAST words about Burseg... until somebody pisses on his open grave AGAIN.

BTW he doesn't want to be defended... as he said himself... but I'm not defending him. I just wouldn't want to come back after having been away, just to find that ppl had posted lots of stupid shit that they didn't think I'd read anyway. That's what fucking matters.

And for you who think I'm too off-topic for your tastes - suggest to a mod that he should ban me. He'd probably do it too, they seem to be pretty fond of that. Or don't read my posts. The only person I feel I've treated bad so far was Rattus in the mugshots thread, but I feel we've worked that out by now.
@Fisken. Calm down for a second. I don't believe that most of us "suddenly thought it was a brilliant idea". Common sense & circumstances of Burseg's departure were enough of a hint.
If you check again, Antiriad did reply his regret, however by then the damage resulting from both of your postings talking about Burseg had been done.

Cody,Twistin,Akira,Fred & the other EAB Mods past & present , have done an excellent job moderating EAB,(Alongside RCK, which goes without saying). I think the (numbers of),membership,(& in several cases),& duration of memberships is testament to their getting the balance right.

As for your last comment,noone is suggesting you leave, but maybe you should read....

If you've got things to say that are outside those guidelines,keep it to PM's with the guys here you know aren't going to be offended/misunderstand by what you think.
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