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Originally posted by jmmijo
BTW - has anybody noticed the great rotating banners with all those lovely game characters yet
Actually, I HAVE noticed the rotating banners and have have to award them a great big - Now I'm always wondering what today's banner will be when I come in, and it's a very nice touch.

As for the topic of this particular off-topic thread, the sooner it fades into obscurity the better, IMHO. Whatever conflicts occurred, at whatever times, and for whatever reasons ... continued references to them never seems to result in anything other than new and/or renewed conflicts. Rather than wasting our time on and we ought to be able to simply leave the past in the past, and have some fun being as usual. If somebody really wants to start a major fight down the road, we can always :kill the offender later, but until then it consumes too much energy to no good effect.

Just my $.02, of course ...
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