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Originally posted by Jan
It is remarkable that you keep talking about things that happened months before you even joined, or about people that you never got to know.

I'm NOT. I'm talking about what I've seen before my eyes recently. Haven't I made clear that I'm aware that I know to few facts about what has happened? But damn it you guys are living in the past! You judge Burseg according to how he acted a long time ago, unwilling to even consider that he might've changed. I don't bother with those old incidents, I judge him after what I've seen of him NOW. And this isn't just about him! I wouldn't like if people badmouthed Amigaboy OR Godflesh. All I know about these are what I've heard, but talking crap and thinking that they'll probably not read it is so stupid no matter WHO is the target.

This ain't leading nowhere so I suggest we put the lid on. You won't change, I won't change. Oh boy haven't I seen this movie before?
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