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It is remarkable that you keep talking about things that happened months before you even joined, or about people that you never got to know.
a bit like starting a new job, and your new work mates talk amongst themselves about previous employees

Which is what certain people are doing extensively... more and more senseless, blah blah bullshit every day. The main purpose of this board is slowly being pushed into the background.
the purpose of this board is talk about the Amiga, but the Amiga is a retro format... now i not saying i disagree that there maybe too much off-topic talk, but not much is happening in the way of development on the Amiga, YES we have CAPS, APoV, HOL etc etc, which are all great projects, but being restricted to just the Amiga would be difficult

i personally didn't have a problem with Burseg, i looked upon him as a valued member of EAB... he probably didn't liked getting kicked which is why he went a bit silly with the "picture upload"...
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