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Re: Re: Sorry I'm talking to myself here..

Originally posted by ant512
Have you considered the possibility that it is the *RAM* that is faulty, not the hard drive?
I'm in the process of seeing if it's the ram, luckily I kept my old 4meg simms too.

But surely if the 8 meg simms work fine without the HD (the machine has been fine for weeks) then thats the proof its fine?

I've got another IDE HD (thanks to the wonders of Computer Exchange shops in england!) and I'm trying that now, WITHOUT using low-level format this time, I knew there was something I should remember with doing that -- not to do it, obviously!

I think it's been the low level format. Although I've had some strange errors when detecting the HD (not a proper disk! error 7) or something along those lines is one I can remember when I get HDtools to detect the HD settings.

It's detected ok now and so far so good, came up asking me to reboot when I clicked exit this time, thankfully. Just about to format the drive in workbench.

I'll post again with what happens.
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