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you can be sure that I will find a way to share them with other amigans as soon as I solve these problems.

I think the idea behind tosec is ok but practically it is painful rather than helpful for amiga users. It can be a suitable system for consoles but not amiga disks since disks are subject to modification by anyone and console and arcade cartridges are not. Many of my disks have intros of -local- crack teams in them that may be the reason of the recognization problem as well.

that means many of my ADFs will never be compatible with tosec so I am not renaming them for tosec standards but use the following format

"Game Name - 1 of 3.adf"

I have my reasons:

-Long file names look UGLY :kill

-As the file name gets longer, it gets less funnier. You find yourself organizing the disk names rather than playing with them.

-There are still many missing titles in tosec and some of the ones available have errors in their names.

There should have been a way to hide information like the company name the name of the team etc. in a different location than the actual file name. maybe witihn the properties window of the page. It would be much professional. Maybe such an application can be written.


thanks for mentioning disksalv I'l try it now. + I have the latest dats.
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