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Originally posted by fisken uno
I didn't like to see this scenario. I've actually lost a bit of confidence in a mod today.

Maybe I was naive, but I wanted to try and establish some communication with him. You know, there is a man called Becker who has a theory about outsiders. He claims that they will often identify themselves with the label that people around them put on them, and will continue to act according to people's expectations as long as these expectations persist. I was just trying to face him without prejudice, because I don't believe any people to be hopeless. Of course I might be wrong but I didn't have the time to find that out this time. All he did this time was actually to defend himself. He didn't attack nobody.

@Fisken. As has already been pointed out by Dizzy in another thread, there are other forums from which you can speak to Burseg.
Good intentions or not, you should NOT be dragging the rest of EAB into your own personal debates.

Certain postings within Off-topic recently have breached forum rules,& in doing so have caused completely unnecessary tensions amongst members,(Need I remind you of some rather harsh comments IMHO you chose to direct towards FromWithin, being a perfect example, for one.)

RCK previously closed the Off-topic area for a time because of frictions arising out of Off-topic postings.
And I'm not suggesting Off-topic doesn't have it uses,within the overall context of the rules & the spirit of what EAB is about.

Fred has always managed to demonstrate great examples of Off-topic,usually humourous,succinct & amusing Stress-breakers.
And I'll always remember AP Felon's "Rodent Issues",with his hilarious "battle" against some rats,for the very same reason.
And likewise occasional PC hardware/software issues etc. all have their place at Off-topic too.

Political & religious observations/discussions have no place at an Amiga board,they can be discussed elsewhere.

I'm definitely with Cody regarding option 2, allow Burseg to be a positive force in helping others & enjoy his retro-gaming etc. over at Emu UK,& allow us all here to discuss more worthwhile Amiga, issues,(& not be debating issues like this),like Amiga Games that Weren't, Liquid Kids etc.
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