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Originally posted by Kada
that server was either horribly slow or just very heavily loaded while i went there, so i took the liberty to
mirror all the scans on my server. they are available here (for those who have trouble getting through).
Yeah, I'm having some problems with my connection at the moment. This happens every god-damn year when new students move in here. There is always someone with a broken modem that disturbs the others on the line (we are four apartments per 10MB line).

It seems to be a little better tiday, but not optimal.

BTW, I found a guy who had every number of DMZ, he also seems very interessted in scanning them.

I'll get back to you all on this one in a week or so... busy, busy

EDIT: hey Kada... why the heck do you have this on your site:

..or the "oseriƶst" section with racist tendencies? I'm not accusing, but It makes me wonder as you must realize.
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