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it detects then it doesn't

It just won't work after the freeze on exit. I think it's something irreversable on the HD now because everytime I try it freezes on the exit HDtools.

If I am patient and hard-reset enough times I can sometimes get the wb disks to load ok, and both partitions are there and fine.

And if I try to check with HDtools then everything seems fine, the file system is correct and the settings and partitions are fine, but again it freezes when I click exit.

Or I can seemingly work on the hd and add files (such as add the file of Classic WB) but again, when I reset the machine freezes just after floppy boot, as soon as it checkes for the HD.

Am I going mad? I had Classic WB set up in no time before, I'm starting to think it's now my CD32/SX-1! Surely 2 harddrives can't have this fault?
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