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HD seems to crash

Thanks for that, I'm just formatting the second partition now.

The problem is still happening though, I don't know if it's damage from it crashing before when I was trying to use HDtools, but it seems to just freeze the amiga.

I read your post, then started from scratch.

I detected the HD, installed the FFS (found it helps to change the address to Install3.0:l/fastfilesystem.. etc) and it told me the version, something like 29.?

Next I did a low level format (know this isn't always best but wanted to make sure any damage from previous attempts was gone).

I partitioned the drive into two (It's a 2 gig, so 1 gig each), saved the info, and clicked on exit... and it crashed, completely froze my system.

It did this 3 times! And I've tried two different harddrives.

I use a modified PC power supply so power isn't a problem, and it's stable with the 2 fdds etc, so I'm sure it's not that.

Just strange.

Just one other question though, I'm right in saying I need to use the SFS file system when I partition the HD in order to change the file system? Or can I do it afterwards as long as there aren't any folders etc on the drive?

Anyway I'll post an update if the format works and the HD seems to be stable.
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