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I'm not going to throw any rocks at you, nor am I going to throw them on anybody else. I hope you don't get banned "again", because I really think you need another chance, but you need to CALM DOWN.

It's probably true that I know too few facts about the issue involving primarily you and Twist, but I have an idea about what's wrong. It's not a matter of different opinions, it's a glitch in the communication and I shall say I'm not at all surprised you two don't get along. Some time ago Twist sent me a heated PM because he felt I was defending your ass. At first I got very upset but I was more eager to discuss than to flame. And the next reply I got from Twist was definitely cooler. I don't know too much about Twist's political preferences but I understand they're not identical to my own, still I feel that he's entitled to have them. If we can respect each other there's a better possibility that he might actually agree with me and change - and he might have points that I haven't thought of. Or Antiriad. I've understood that his and my own opinions differ "slightly" but I don't call him a nazi because I don't believe he is one and it's not gonna do no good anyway. He'll probably just shut the door never to listen to me again. See, I don't think anybody are complete "dicks". It's just a matter of trying to understand them and respecting them. It does NOT mean you'll have to like them. But respect somebody ain't the same as licking their boots.

Further, I have discussed with Twist about the lack of 'freedom of speech' on this board, because when I got here I was shocked that threads got closed at the very instant that you mentioned the word americanization. But even though there will always be an implicit judgement of what is 'politically right' - which doesn't always fit MY definition - the reason for the totalitarian iron grip is for the sake of peace on the board. At least that's what I'd like to believe. Political issues tend to split people, just because there are a lot who won't accept that their own view might not be the only RIGHT one. It's often difficult to tell what is right and wrong, and if these arguments are held HERE those conversations will affect the ones discussing what most people in here are interested about; the Amiga.

I still do believe that I could understand and agree about many of your political opinions, I just feel that you're expressing them in a way that's disturbing people. You're burning for these things, I understand that, and your situation is probably different than mine. Try to think of the Amiga as the uniting force - not always free from these political issues - but fun. And don't forget that humour can often be a more efficient weapon against your enemies, than flames.

What can I say? I won't be forced to choose a side, I'd much rather see everyone in here show each other some respect. Give it a try.
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