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OK, y'all'r in luck. I actually had that one already xferr'd from my Amiga. This is probably the net debut since I've not seen it anywhere else. I loaded it up in WinUAE 8.8r8 and had no luck with the only 2 configs I tried, but I'm just not persistent. Feel free, those of you who bang through configs, versions and various emulators and let me know if you get it to work (and how).

Here's what little I remember about it:

I d/l it from Ice Station Zebra back in 1990 and had never seen an ST running (so didn't really know what to expect). Since there was an Amiga vs ST rivalry, I figured it had to be decent. All the other ST emulators I'd tried were joke hacks, but I'd read about this one already.

I can't remember my system at the time...may have been the A2000 but was more likely the A500 with 1meg Agnus. The menu loader was in German, but it was simple enough to figure out. Ultimately, there I was at the Atari desktop. Major disappointment right off the bat. What was with that color palette and resolution? And that ultra goofy mouse pointer that looked like a fly! Abysmal! I looked around the OS, which I also found underwhelming. Like a poor man's Amiga and a poor man's Mac SE rolled into one. So I now needed software.

I dare not waste my elite credits on pirate boards downloading ST stuff, so I hacked a free account with Compuserve and grabbed a Pacman clone, some game with apples and some silly trampoline jumping game. The latter two worked perfectly, but no luck with the Pacman clone.

And that was basically it. I never got around to finding any other ST stuff like warez (I think I may have found one game that I couldn't get to work...probably my original Starglider II combo Amiga/ST disk).

The disk also has the ancient Amiga copy program ACopy and DOS2DOS, which is needed to transfer ST files to (PC formatted 720k) disk. I'm pretty sure it needs two disk drives to work proper.

Have fun!
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