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Re: Corrupt FastFileSystem

Originally posted by SeeD32
Trying to install a new HD to my amiga (CD32+SX1 8meg fast+2fdd).
HDtoolbox on workbench3.1 says that the Fast File System is either missing or corrupt.
This message comes when the file FastFileSystem cannot be found in the L: assign. Ignore it in the first run (FFS is in Kickstart ROM, too) and after that go to the "Add/Update" dialogue and add the FastFileSystem from where it is stored (usually in the L directory of one of the Install or Workbench disks).

I've tried using Smart File System, but can't get HDtoolbox to set it up properly (keeps changing back to FFS when I try setting it to Custom File System etc.
Strange. Are you sure you did anything right. After any changes you should click on the "Save changes" button before you reboot.
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