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Aleste on Master System (Called Power Strike in USA) isn't half as good as the MSX one from what I can tell. It's slower, and it seems like it has one less level (It starts on Level 2 of the MSX version)

Power Strike II is an excellent shmup too, and it's exclusive to the Master System. Aleste 2 on MSX is a different game, and it's MUCH better anyway

I do know R-Type is about memorization, but Delta is RIDICULOUS. It's like if I memorize the whole game I'll be able to play with my eyes closed. But what really annoys me the most is the slowdown. Level 3 is incredibly slow all the time, level 4 has many slowdown sections... I heard R-Type Final is even worse in the slowdown department...

And I can reach level 4 in a single life, but I still couldn't beat that level. When I reach that maze with those big robots and vertical scroll I get crushed all the time.
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