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I have a serious problem

When I had my 1200, I bought two CDs full of commercial games.
The guy who made that was my friend who owned a little computer shop. One of those who copy pirated games to floppies and sell them for cheap prices. That was his entire archive and he was no longer able to find customers to sell Amiga games.:thumbs_do

The CDs had scratches on them and it was obvious that some files were unreadable. We copied all files to HD and burnt them on new CDs. During the process some unreadable files were skipped.

The files were in DMS format and names were all like 1084-2.dms or 602-3.dms etc... and I was given an excel document explaining what is contained within each file. (I could open that file somehow) The guy who organized the file did not know the English language very well and most of the game names were wrong. And since some DMS files were missing, that database had to be reorganized.

That was years ago.

A few days ago I copied the entire archive to my HD and extracted the DMS files to ADFs using Xdms. Some files failed to unpack during this process as well.

I decided to rename them and referred to the tosec database when I was not sure about the exact name of a game. Within two days I renamed 2000+ ADFs.:hooooo

Now I know what is contained in each file but some of them still have read/write and checksum errors. Maybe they had these errors before they were first DMSed.

For Dos disks, I try to copy the entire contents of the disk to Ram Disk: in order to test if there are any errors. And I use an utility named Disk Peek to check if there are any problems with the bootblock BUT I cannot do anything for Non-DOS disks. I cannot check them this way! X-Copy's checkdisk function does not work properly and I am stuck.

Please name an utility that can detect read and checksum errors on adfs.

Also the tosec database only recognizes a little amount of my disks properly. Sometimes only *some* disks of multiple disk games are recognized and some are not.

If my files are recognized by tosec, does this also mean that they are free of errors?

It would be great if I could just check the files from windows using a magical utility.
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