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Originally posted by WindowsKiller
We should boycott this site! All the NES manuals are stolen from and from other sites. The only work they actually did is to add their own banner to the first page of the manual and to encrypt the file so no one can ever modify the PDF again...

If you want NES manuals, go to and download the unmodified ones. But please don't support these lamers!
I tried to look at both versions of "A Nightmare on Elm Street"'s manuals. There is a BIG filesize difference, but the replacementdocs versions require Acrobat 5 to view, but the nesfiles versions don't.

I'd leeched the replacementdocs site several months ago, but couldn't remember where I got them from to check for new additions, so thanks for that Frederic. And thanks, WindowsKiller, for the link to that cool NES site. Shame, though, that they have to watermark every scan and doc page, though. (sigh)
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