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there is no visible difference between the 68020 and the LD020 version, but maybe a little speed difference which depends on the design of your gfx card. On my WinUAE system the 68020 version runs a little faster.

LD020 and also SB020 are using my old line by line direct drawing method for the Read/WritePixelArray() calls. The advantage of transfering every image line separately instead of the whole image at once is that you can shorten these single lines even more than you can shrink the complete image rectangle by reducing it to the visible part without the surrounding background. So, you have to transfer less data to the gfx card and you don't need to allocate an extra buffer for editing the image. A single line fits onto the stack.

The disadvantage is that you need a pair of Read/WritePixelArray() calls for every line. I can't predict which method is faster, LD020 or 68020. It depends on the system.

Btw, why are you still using this ugly icon text with black background bars for the font? I would prefer to use ShodowIconText or OutlineIconText.

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