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Originally posted by Dastardly
I agree.
Twist is one of my closest buddies since we met at G******H's forums back in April of 2001.
Also quite erudite in things Amiga is another member who no longer hangs around here, my good M8 Ian. He's missing from the list.
These 2 as well as Cody are ridiculously knowledgeable.
CodeTapper is pretty damn sharp and legendary as well. How he is not on this list is beyond me!
Burseg is sharp too, but is banned from EAB for certain reasons.
RCK does not care for anything but mods.
Andreas knows his games! Walker too.
RetroGahba knows basically old computers/consoles.
Drake is well rounded but is much better at PC/Windows genre.
Jmmijo and Akira know food and schmups espectively.
Both are gay as well.
You're gay.
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