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Originally Posted by Mq666 View Post
Saving values from FF config file into flash of device is very important and awesome for me:-) I was thinking about it too, because I love config-less mode in FF, and I use few pendrives, so it's very usefull that I don't need to copy config files between pendrives each time. I don't tested this version yet, but can You confirm I understood it right: now we can set config parameters in config file one time only, and then can we delete config file at all, and will device store last settings until we change them or we reset them, right? If answer is "yes", then I can use any empty pendrive and Gotek will work with my previously setted parameters, right?
Exactly right, and as described here:

So yes the benefits are two-fold:
1. You don't need a FF.CFG on every pen drive when you swap pen drives.
2. Config values are available to FlashFloppy immediately at power on, rather than waiting for the USB filesystem to initialise. So banner text can be in correct font on OLED display; PC vs Shugart interface is immediately correct; etc.

One thing to note is that with old versions of the upgrade bootloader, the Flash config will be erased when the main firmware is updated. You need to upgrade the bootloader to latest version to avoid that (see

And second: what main changes will arrive with 0.9 version?
Amstrad DSK/EDSK support. That's the last major feature tickbox before v1.0. Feature parity is important
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