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Oh my! And they're in the exact same positions as the last protest. They refuse to move even one inch - even their facial positions - until every damn game they want is released! They will stand there night and day, year upon year, decade upon decade, century upon century, even when nothing but their immovable skeletons remain. There they shall remain in place, undisturbed by man or beast, no dust or cobweb, no disgruntled Atari ST user, no sleet or rain shall shift their firm resolve. They are truly Amiga fans to the highest degree, martyrs for the sacred cause, a testament to the devoutness of Amiga users. Only until every unreleased Amiga game has seen the light shall their skeletons finally cease their protest and crumble away into dust, caught up into the wind and blown away to freedom beyond...

AMIGA AMIGA! Horray horray! Forever shall you live in our hearts!
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