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Originally Posted by daxb View Post
The WHDLoad install needs ~1MB chipram + 768kb expansion memory (256 + 512 for ROM 3.1). The CD32 ROM could be the problem but I don`t think so.

If lack of memory is the reason you could temporary change Zombie2.mod (med) to a smaller size and try to load with the changed med. Does the WHDLoad install work if you add extra ram?

Your startup script looks broken to me. After makdir/assign ENV: the game starts from CD0:, then it runs toggleaga, assigns fonts: and then start the game again. It is possible that the CD0: line shall be "cd gamedir"?
Hi, the WHDload version only works when I add 1+mb of fastram to my CD32 config, where as the normal version doesn't load with extra ram.

Originally Posted by ross View Post
No, script is right (
is simply a cd to folder).

Amigajay, if you upload a beta version of your compilation somewhere maybe someone can help (or a link for the CD32 PD collection you are referring).


Here is the PD collection link
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