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Originally Posted by DamienD View Post
...and I did say:
...I may have missed some but hey, that will keep you busy for a while
What I listed is the majority of "CD32" games available there
Sorry mate, I mean to correct you in your assertion that a CD32 would only run those. That's how your message read:
Originally Posted by DamienD
No, really only anything under the subdirectory "CD32" from what you've specified above
I just said it wouldn't. I didn't mean you should link him to everything that he should download (do some work SimonCD32! ), I just said that the CD32 can run more than just CD32 titles. He asked if he could run stuff from other folders on that link, short answer I gave him was YES, not everything, but a bunch, starting with CDTV titles.

Anyway derailing some more
The CD32 is severely underappreciated.
Most criticism comes from people who never owned one, which is an unfair start for any system. Also compared to other consoles, yes, sure, maybe not in capabilities, and the games library was a bit of an AGA shovelware, but if you are an Amiga fan, you like games consoles, playing in your living room, on your big TV, sitting on a couch, not bending over a desk in an office-like space, with an office-like keyboard, mouse and monitor, the CD32 is a godsend. I only play Amiga games on my CD32. I use my other Amigas for whatever else (and the odd game or two, but rarely).

The CD32 is not about ground-breaking games console-ery, it's about a solid Amiga platform that can do one thing only and really well: play Amiga games. And isn't that something to be celebrated? Personally I am very glad Commodore lived enough to make this shitty looking gray box
Did they try to market it as a ground-breaking console? Maybe, but who gives a shit what that failed company did? The only ones benefiting from the CD32 are, IMO, the Amiga gamers of its future, ie US.

I always feel the CD32 gets as bad or worse rep as the Amiga 600. And look at the A600 now, everyone likes it again, especially after certain expansions and software appeared for it. The CD32 even has TF328 now and you can easily and cheaply make a massive Amiga gaming rig, controlled by only a games controller, to be enjoyed in your games room or living room. A clunky A500 would not be the same thing and would be impractical in such setting. I see more people looking for CD32s after TF328s become more popular and software like XBench gets optimized for CD32 (or new similar software comes up).

END OF RANT sorry guys
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