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Originally Posted by chiefnewo View Post
It now won't read disks. The floppy drive makes a few noise and the screen goes blank for a moment, but then goes back to the insert disk screen. I've tried all the orientations of plugging in the floppy cable just in case I did it wrong reassembling it.
I also discovered I forgot to remove the 1.3 ROM before I put the board in the dishwasher. I'm wondering if this is related to my disk loading problems. I have a spare ROM that I will try inserting but having just spent two hours putting it back together I couldn't be bothered for the moment.
Having the ROM inserted should not be an issue. Just remove it and reinsert it and it should be good.
I'm sure your current floppy issues are not caused by the ROM. When the KS screen disappears for a sec and then reappears after inserting a disk, that means that the Amiga did recognize that a disk was inserted, thus the cable is correctly orientated. It just could not read the contents which is usually due to either trying to load FFS formatted disks with ROM 1.3 (they only work with KS2.0+), the disks could be bad, or the drive heads needs a cleaning. Old floppy disks can have mold on them which will deposit on the drive heads, so trying to use such disks will quickly render the drive non-working.
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