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Originally Posted by DamienD View Post
Anyway, IMHO the CD32 wasn't great at all and a major disappointment; it couldn't complete with all the other awesome "consoles" of that time

Ok, so yes it's a console but the majority of games are just A500 / A1200 ones with added audio tracks... Graphics weren't updated at all so; who cares about additional audio tracks; not me!!! flopped for a reason.
Bit harsh Damien! It flopped because of Commodore going bankrupt 6 months later tbh! It didn't have much of a chance, so 160 games, plus 50 ish other non game CDs isn't so bad esp compared to the Atari Jaguar, 50 games over a 5 year period in comparison. I enjoyed my CD32 for gaming for a couple of years until the PSX came along, the other 5 or so years I was using it for lots of other reasons along with and a CD player and watching a Video CDs.

So again harsh to say a flop when it didn't have a chance to grow and prosper, imo it was the A1200 that was the flop that layed the poison egg
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