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I won't argue with you, your points are valid to your own interest in the cd32 - perhaps you feel I am trying to give the impression the tf328 is a product by Apple? I apologise I only meant that following BOM the device is solid - I know because I have had no isses with it on ISSI ram and September firmware, Hynix etc isn't relative as that's outside BOM and that's the sellers responsibility which Steve has already said should only provide tf328's to others with reliable firmware . And as the OP did say he wanted the best out of the cd32 and asked the name of a device that allows him to play from storage. He could have meant gotek via anologic, but I didn't want to limit my answer to that alone as I personally wouldn't recommend that approach over a tf328.

Tf328 aside, you should try a cheap SMD soldering kits from ebay for a few bucks. You'll pm me saying thank you as it's a very low-cost risk and gateway to smd soldering my friend. Buy plenty of flux, or a flux-pen I enjoy using them as it doesn't get too messy.

Btw - I sold my first riser today and as a result, another tf328 user is born no idea what RAM he's running on though.

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