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Maybe I worded myself wrongly. I didn't mean to say say you gave bad advice. As far as CD32 expansion optoins go, TF328 is definitely the best option! You know how hard I advocated for a device like that to be created, and I cannot be happier it exists. But it does require a certain user to adopt one at this point. For example, firmware upgrades, until yesterday, were not possible for anyone without a Xilinx programmer. And that excludes completely the fact that you need to get someone building one for you, and also all the discussion about RAM stability that still is a thing today, etc. To me that's not a "consumer ready"product yet, it's for us tinkerers to deal with. Yes OP might be a tinkerer, but I assumed as if he wasn't, because of what he asked on the questions.

But the OP also asked mainly about playing games on his device, so his decision of wanting to buy extra hardware is what I question, when he doesn't need any at all to start playing, just some blank CDs. He even says "what do I do with it after I get it?", so, he wanted an expansion, but NO IDEA WHY. This is the "Must expand every Amiga" mentality that seeps through this scene damaging it .

By the way, you can minimize as much as you want your ability to build a TF328, but it does take skill to build one, and not all people can be as quick to learn as you did. It took me literally YEARS to be able to be just OK at soldering through hole components. Also depends on what tools you get, and people who don't often indulge in soldering or building things like that, would be very wary of getting everything they need to make the task easier (for example a hot air station).
I don't consider myself to be a moron, but I wouldn't touch SMD components yet.

I wasn't assuming the OP was a "butterfingers", but as I said, in this community, the first thing everyone says to you when you ask about your new Amiga, is "here are your upgrade options", and I offered a perfectly viable path to games, especially after seeing that the OP didn't even know why he wanted an Analogic device.

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I don't use the CD32 as a computer[...]so not sure what you mean here.
If it has a keyboard and a mouse, it's a computer to me Consoles have only gamepads!

[edit] sorry about all the editing! :P

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