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Originally Posted by StingRay View Post
A lot of patches have been updated to disable blitter waits on 68000!
Exactly my point! And that's why newer versions of patches are better patches.
There's a lot more to work on, but there's only so many patchers (ie almost just you :P) and so many people reporting.

Demos are not different to games, they can be fixed and patched to work on (almost) any system!
Yeah it's exactly what I meant, that WHDLoad makes them more compatible and fixes them. The OP was suggesting the unpatched demos ran better or that patched demos were crippled. I disagreed.

Originally Posted by Foebane View Post
I actually have only five ADFs for games

You like living life at the edge, don't you?
I really don't understand your angle at all. You have such a small quantity of games, that downloading them all again one by one by hand seems like the easiest and most painless process ever.
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