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1,4) don't bother, grab an edge-riser board & TF328, or build your own. Take care in regard to the PS1 controller adapter, I have several, they've broken easily for no apparent reason, replacements are free however and quick. They have various issues with certain user made compilations on cd. The cd32 games work fine and tf328 workbench WHDLOAD games work fine on the ps1 adapter.
2,3) discs are easy to burn from EAB File Server OR Google. To burn use ImgBurn. I burn at 10x on Verbatim DataLifePlus CD-R 500mb 52x discs from Amazon and they work just fine on my cd32.

To reiterate, where it's at now is the tf328, WHDLoad 100's of games mouse, kb, ps1 controller all working fine. A riser with RGB would set you back a fair bit but worthwhile if you want RGB, alternatively you can modify it to have RGB in replacement of your rf modulator see RetroGameModz video.

And the final product:
CD32 with RGB/s L+R audio to scart, TF328 with ISSI 8mb fastram, 4gb CF IDE, Cherry G80-3000 Keyboard ps/2 via usb to AUX adapter, Amiga Mouse. Workbench 3.1 - WHDLoad - The Settlers.

Note: 8mb fast ram will play up on various cd32 titles, the latest firmware has added a clock-buffer jumper switch to disable/enable the board to play your usual cd32 games.
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