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Bard's Tale question and wondering if there we're any cheats/bugs.

I beat the game the other day and went back to the tower to grab the "Spectre's Snare". I even used it on Mangar and made him join my team with it's spellbind function lol. He's a crappy character to have in a slot btw...the red dragon rules with his breath. Speaking of breath my Demon lord won't breathe fire....on the other systems he was top tier, meh why?

My question is:

In Mangar's Tower level 5 square 8N and 10E is supposed to be occupied by "Liches"(think that's what it is) but when I walk over it I seem to be put in a permanent spinner that I can't get out of and it freezes.

This game is so hard(can't even imagine how hard BT2 is with it's much larger world) and it doesn't even matter how much you grind as most monsters on the fifth floor can cast "STONE". Someone mentioned use speedboots to evade fights and run....this true?

Was there any hidden easter eggs I may have missed or cheats/bugs that I could try now that I've finished it

Thanks guys.
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