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Sorry for the run-around, Akira and others, but yes, I am in two minds as to whether or not to go ahead and do a full re-download. It's also an "impending job", which I know the hardest part will be d/l'ing the correct type for each game, but the rest will just take time. I guess I'm just procrastinating (nothing dirty, google it)

Akira, this is what I posted earlier about what I do to the files:

Besides, I have a problem: When I download WHDLoad games, I don't keep the original filename (w/ version number), I extract them all, rip out the .info files and then rename the folders to just the game name (w/ subtitle, if any) and leave it at that. Any updates to games, if not listed, would be awkward for me to keep up. Are the updated games listed?
If the updates are listed by date so I can at least see which games have been updated, then that would be fine.
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