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Originally Posted by Foebane View Post
DamienD, I have to ask: What could I do to try to force a load on ADF games after cracktros? I've never liked them, and they infest Amiga games like a virus (literally) and what's more, whilst they can be creative visually, they also encourage cheating. I don't have the status display on screen, so I suppose I should turn that on so I can at least see what's happening? really depends on the cracktro, though I'd say with 90%, you press the <Left Mouse Button> to continue; this is what you do with this game on both screens.

Other times it may be the <Right Mouse Button> or <Esc>...

Anyway, personally I love cracktros. It's part of the nostalgia for me as that's what I grew up with / remember

...and you say that they encourage cheating; heaven forbid!!!

You do realise that you don't need to use them; the more options the better in my book. Besides, WHDLoad also has trainers

Finally, with all my configs I do turn LEDs on so that I can see disk activity etc... I know that others don't like this but it's really personal preference here.
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