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Originally Posted by DamienD View Post
Home now; looked at the file that I use; "James Pond 2 - Codename Robocod (1991)(Millennium)[cr SKR][t +5 Ache Extensors].adf".

Took a peak at the file GameBase Amiga uses; "James Pond 2 - Codename RoboCod (1991)(Millennium)[cr Flashtro][t +18 Flashtro].adf"

...I must have missed this Flashtro release in my years AWOL.

Anyway, both work perfectly for me but the Flashtro one does takes ages to load...

Nothing special, but I'm using this configuration:

... A500.
... ECS Agnus ("Cycle-exact" ticked).
... KS 1.3.
... 512KB Chip & 512KB Slow RAM.
1. Where did you get those files from?
2. I got my copy from (GameBase Amiga 2) and what's more, it had a simpler, more straightforward name with no cracking group mentioned.
3. I went back to this page and re-downloaded the file, and it seems I had a faulty download, as it worked this time. Strange, even though 7-Zip said there were no errors in the zip.
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