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Hello All

SimonCD32 here and a truly momentous day that I have joined you!

I, like most here I suspect, have reached the point in my life where I am desperately attempting to relive my childhood and part of that is owning an Amiga again.

Back in the day I spent many an hour fascinated by my A500+ and my fantastic collection of games. Having sold the lot for two pounds fifty at a carboot sale and never looked back I now have an appetite to relive those good times!

So I've brought myself a CD32 and am about to acquire the disk drive to accompany it.

I'm surprised/delighted to see that there are so many others propping the scene up and cant wait to mingle with you all and find out more.

I had a good bash on SWOS last night and also have a games disk with a version of flappy birds for the CD32 on there and I spent far too long playing that as well.

I'm equally as interested to replay the games of my youth as I am to discovering new software/games that I can download from the net and play on my console. I just need to get my head around the whole ISO thing and burning images as I've not done that before (If anyone can point me to an idiots guide that would be much appreciated!)

That's all for now... off to find some more threads to post in
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