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Originally Posted by Gzegzolka View Post
Pinkie was fixed some time ago
Magic Lines by Thalion are unplayable.
Pinkie can be played to the end but the corrupt graphics in the ending is in the original release. So yep worth to list it here

Another game with broken ending is the Polish game Łowca Głów. Here, the ending does not load at all. But not sure if this also happens in the original release (need IPF to check).

What's the problem with Magic Lines? The time limit? I read in the comments on Lemon Amiga that people have problems to complete the first level because you start with 5 seconds. But in the shortplay videos on YouTube I see they start with 2 minutes. It sounds like a bad crack is out there? Have not tried the game myself yet.

Originally Posted by Dan View Post
Yesterday i wrote an editor (win 32bit) for Zeus levels, which is able to write the edited levels back to the adf file.

Originally Posted by DamienD View Post
Where? Must be the invisible type
Seems he forgot to attach it.

Originally Posted by ross View Post
But it's only me or ZEUS have a totally broken handlers?
Wonder if the controls is this sensetive on real Amigas? Someone (Dan) on YouTube told me to set the mouse speed between 2 and 4 in Host/Game Ports to make it more playable. But joystick would be preferable
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