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Originally Posted by jazzyalba2108 View Post
hey thanks guys, but the games that supaduper did kindly for me, are not in ADF format?
Seriously? Unfortunately this is where your problem lies, you're not sufficiently explaining yourself properly.

You asked about "copying games onto disk" and that you had EasyADF. So we naturally assume that you have ADF images of games on your hard drive since that is what EasyADF is for. Programs like EasyADF, adf2disk and Image2Disk are for managing ADF files. If you don't have ADF files then you need to grab some off the internet, they're as common as dirt. Then you can use these programs for writing the ADF's to disk.

I would suggest that if you're not familiar with ADF files, then Google around on the internet and learn what they are. Having an Amiga means that you are going to have to be patient and take it slow and teach yourself how it works. Again searching on the internet will help you. I would also suggest that if you have want to run WHDLoad installed games from the hard drive that you get a memory expansion or an accelerator like the Vampire 600V2, Furia or ACA620 so that you can. Yes it will cost you extra but it will be worth it.

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