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Slow window dragging MCX2.8 and P96/UAEgfx

Hi all -

recently installed the rather marvellous "Amiga on a USB stick" that Nobody has thrown together - FS-UAE and a minimal linux install.

I'm working towards recreating my old A1200 (only faster) and have installed the usual - MWB, MCP, MCX etc etc but I've found a couple of problems.

Firstly, I've never used an RTG board on an Amiga before so I was unaware that magiclayers (and MCP) could not do solid window moving/sizing - MCX is the only one that can do it. Unfortunately it's very slow - moving and resizing jerk like mad.

Is there some other thing I need to do? P96 is installed, resolution is fine (1366x768x32). Changing down to 8bit doesn't help. There's 256MB of RAM on the card, 1GB of FastRAM, 2MB of Chip.

Any hints here would be great
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