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Originally Posted by jazzyalba2108 View Post
i don't want to spend anymore money, i have lost my love for this now. wouldn't emulation just be easier. does someone want a 600!!!
SOLD!! If you don't want it sell me, then I shall complete the set-up you want and sell it back to you. Do we have an accord?

No really, your problem is definitely CR< Chip Ram. You could NOT go wrong offering FR< Fast Ram to it either. Still procedure under Amiga environment should be, stay calm and keep trying.

Try updating the FFS and change the addressing to 0x1fe00 from 0x00ffffff make sure you save changes and the system requests reboot. then format the partitions. Do this on the larger partitions only.

Workbench should be no more than 350MB in this case.
File version 1.277 is epic but I have never used it with the lower chipsets or WB's.

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