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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
Change of plans. "FFSAIO" will be released soon after all
Here is first test version. Do not upload to Aminet! Do not add to any patch packages!


Based on official v45.13 (OS3.9BB2 version) which is KS 2+ and NSD only (if partition is not located inside first 4G).


- Full Kickstart 1.3 compatibility (see below).
- TD64 and DirectSCSI support and autodetection.
- TD_GETGEOMETRY/Direct SCSI/TD64 blacklist from v44.5.
- v45.14 validator FreeMem() fix and v45.16 bitmap size calculation off by one bitmap bit fix.
- ACTION_FH_FROM_LOCK freed the lock if call failed. (Out of memory or lock pointed to a directory)
- Fixed wrong offset (which was supposed to point at the end of block buffer) used in some DirCache-only routine.
- Test read last block of partition, if read fails, partition won't be mounted.

- WARNING! ULTRA-UNSUPPORTED!: Enabled and fixed hidden partially implemented long file name support. If partition dos type is DOS\8, max file/directory name length gets increased to 54 characters (from 30) by using previously unused bytes of file/dir header block. WARNING^2: No recovery tools.


Autodetection is different than in PFS3AIO because dostype can't be used to configure detection mode:

- NSD and TD64 detection is skipped if partition is fully inside first 4G.
- NSD detection is first, NSCMD_DEVICEQUERY must return sane results (No changes in NSD detection, uses original code).
- TD64 detection is next if NSD was not detected and device driver was not in blacklist.

- Direct SCSI is last and detection is only executed if no NSD and no TD64 was detected and device driver was not in blacklist. Partition location (inside 4G or not) is ignored.
- Direct SCSI detection executes HD_SCSICMD READ CAPACITY which must return valid data. Direct SCSI is not selected if returned drive size is less than 1G.

KS 1.3 patches:

- ACTION_STARTUP dp_Arg1 and dp_Arg3 are not valid under KS 1.3. (Same patch as in PFS3AIO)
- utility.library UMult32 and UDivMod32 calls replaced.
- Requesters (read/write error, you must insert, validation error) replaced with calls to BCPL makesysreq().
- WB 1.3 "ghost" icon fix. ACTION_INFO/ACTION_DISK_INFO must always return DOS\0, if dos type is DOS\1 or higher.


Download patch file
Unpack patch
Find OS39BB2 L:FastFilesystem (45.13)
CD to directory where patch file was unpacked
Copy 45.13 FastFileSystem to current directory
Create 45.20: spatch -ofastfilesystem_45.20 -pfastfilesystem_45.20_r1.pch fastfilesystem
Copy/Rename fastfilesystem_45.20 to L: (or somewhere else)
Use HDToolBox to install it.

NOTE: This thread is not for generic filesystem/hdtoolbox instructions.

FINAL WARNING: You should know what are you doing! Take backups. There is no guarantees. There is no support.
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