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Theoretically unlimited. There are some physical limits, though. First each partition occupies one block in the RDB area. Because HDToolbox always reserves two cylinders for the RDB area, the size is of the area is determined by the number of blocks per cylinder you configured during initialisation of the drive. But anyway there should be room for hundreds of partitions.

OTOH each partition is run as a DOS process which occupies memory and CPU cycles. Each partition has a configurable number of buffers, usually 30, plus the memory needed by the process itself, lets say 10 kb. Each buffer has the size of a block on the harddisk, so with 512 Bytes per buffer you loose 25 KB per partition.

You should also consider that 400 MB is plenty of space for an Amiga. Even if you count 2 MB per game you can save 200 Games on that partition. You won't ever be able to play all those. So why don't you just leave it as it is? You can still add more partitions when the 400 MB are full. Or when you get more memory.
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